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When our kids...Blake, Brant and Jenny...began finishing college and getting married, Susie began buying and selling antique furniture and accessories and establishing a flourishing antique business.  To help her in that effort, I began repairing, restoring and cleaning up the items that needed fixing. 
That work has continued in our garage/workshop and, today, I spend lots of time...when not working on my music business or sculpting...repairing and restoring antiques and other furniture that, for instance, need wooden parts to replace missing or broken pieces...and then finishing the piece to match the original finish...so that no one could notice that there had been damage. 
Most of our customers are in the antique business, but many are simply individuals who have some old furniture or items they love that are not being used because they're broken and need fixing.  They should get in touch with us and talk about "bringing those pieces back to life"!
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