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After many years of building models of churches...the inspiration being churches that were both real and imagined...a friend, Dick LeBlanc, asked if I'd build a model of the church in which he and his wife were married...for an anniversary gift to her.  I agreed to do so, took photos of their wedding chapel (in this case, Wynne Chapel at Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas) and proceeded to build the model with as many features from the "real thing" as possible.
I finished, and the end product turned out to be a really meaningful and unique gift.  Looking in the front door, you'd almost swear "you were there".  He and his wife were thrilled with it, I was proud of the way it turned out.  I thought there certainly may be others that would like me to do the same for them...for a "one of a kind" anniversary or birthday gift.  Here are pics of the model I built of that church.  I'd love to have you call or email me if you have an interest...214-691-0001 or ebernet@swbell.net.

Wynne Chapel and Pedestal

View of Alter From Overhead

Front View of Wynne Chapel

View of Ceiling Detail

View From Front Door Toward Alter

View From Above Alter Toward Front