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A native of Dallas, Texas, Ed grew up in the Highland Park area of Dallas in the 1940's and 1950's. He has been in the music and entertainment business since joining his brother Dick's country music band as their tenor banjo player in the late 1940's.

Having played football, basketball, track and swimming at Highland Park High School, he followed his brothers, Dick and Bob, to SMU in the Fall of 1951, on a football scholarship. He graduated with a degree in Banking and Finance in 1955. He was chosen for the Chicago College All-Star Football game that Summer and was second draft choice for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1955 and spent that season with them. Following that season, he spent two years as an officer in the US Air Force at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, DC...
(click on the following link to see Ed, at age 22, playing "Chinatown" on Ed Sullivan's All-Air Force Show)...
...and several more years trying his hand in the pros...Pittsburgh, Montreal, Chicago, Calgary and, finally, the Dallas Texans (who later became the Kansas City Chiefs) in their first couple of years in the American Football League.

He had played in musical groups in high school and college...he joined his brother, Dick, in Bob Irby's Hilltop Ramblers at Highland Park High School and SMU, and the two of them joined five other friends in a great dixieland showband, the Cell Block Seven at SMU. When he returned to Dallas after his military service and football endeavors, he got together some of the men with whom he had played and started a new dixieland band. A short time later, he opened a small nightclub, The Levee. That small club became one of the busiest, best-known and most successful entertainment places in Dallas during the 1960's. 

He started booking bands in 1961, as his two groups, The Levee Singers and The Levee Dixieland Seven, became two of the most in-demand groups in Dallas. The booking agency came about as a result of helping people book other acts when the two Levee bands were unvailable. In addition, Ed owned the area's most popular recording studio, Sumet-Bernet Sound Studios, so he became friends with all the area's best musicians who came to the studio to record.

Ed sold the studio in 1997 and has since been able to spend more of his time with his entertainment booking agency.  When not working in his office, Ed is usually in his "garage workshop"...working on a variety of projects in which he's involved.  (Click on www.edbernetart.com for info on Ed's art interests)

He and his wife, Susie, were married in 1962. Their two sons, Blake and Brant, and daughter, Jenny Galbraith, are happily married, live nearby and have 9 children among them...6 girls and 3 boys. Ed's son, Ed Lee, from his first marriage, lives in Minnesota. He and his wife have two sons. Family is so important in the lives of Ed and Susie and music is a great part of their family life.