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One of Ed's passions has been producing small bronze statuettes of his and Susie's nine grandchildren...when they were small kids...using the "lost wax" method he and long time buddy John Roach...former quarterback star at SMU and for 12 seasons in the NFL...and former Mayor of University Park...learned about while attending an SMU art class.  Ed sculpted a football player catching a football and a baseball player in action.  His several-year project, after that, working at odd times when he wasn't involved in his music business...was to depict each of the grandkids in (for the boys) sports  and (for the girls) dance  poses...as gifts for Susie.  Each is about 10-12 inches high.  While impossible to make them as pretty/handsome as they REALLY were, Ed was able to pretty well capture the personality and unique facial and bodily expressions of each of them.
An exciting thought about these small pieces of art is that they are DURABLE...and will be around the Bernet and Galbraith families for many, many years to come.
Friends have expressed interest in commissioning Ed to use his talents to make bronzes of their own children and grandchildren.  Ed welcomes inquiries.  Pictures of the kids' statuettes are below...

Chap Bernet

Emily Bernet

Sarah Bernet

Katie Bernet

Daisy Bernet

Phoebe Bernet

Charlie Bernet

Greta Galbraith

Gabe Galbraith


Here are pics of two other small bronzes I've done.  The first two are of a football player set to catch a pass.  The second two are my idea of what Mark McGuire looked liked hitting his 70th home run several years ago...