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Contact Us

Rather than try...to list all the hundreds of bands and variety acts we have in our files, we simply say we have long-standing contacts with most of the well-known bands in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, East Texas and West Texas and surrounding areas and many outstanding bands from across the country.

If they're not already in our files, we're able to quickly find any group we're asked about...and can offer, to every Buyer who asks for ideas and information, several of the very best, busiest and most popular acts in almost any genre...to fit almost any budget.


We've listed, below, some good ideas for different kinds of music and entertainment. Look them over and see if there's  something you think might be just right for your event.  In almost every category we have several great choices. If you see something that interests you, call or email us...no obligation...and we'll suggest names of specific acts and their prices and provide links for you to click on to hear/see them...and go from there.  If you don't see anything on the list that looks just right...contact us and let us talk about it.  We'll find just the right thing!


The right band or orchestra...to fit the occasioin....from "younger" to "older" and everywhere in between.  We're in close contact with EVERY kind of good, proven, popular band...those from the East and West Coasts...and from everywhere in bbeetween...and the many gret gr0ups from the Dallas/FW area and from many of cities in our state/region.


We can contact any of the well-known "names" in music and entertainment and get their availabilities and prices for you. We've booked 40-50 of them through the yers...click on "Name Acts" at the left side of this page to see that list. Call/email with any "name" you're interested in and we'll check on it...no obligation.


(Some are best strolling among the guests, others should be set up in one location)

GUITARIST...wonderful classical/flamenco background music

SINGER/GUITARIST...almost any style, most can do a wide variety

HARPIST...from one to six persons, beautiful, elegant music

VIOLINIST...one or more for soothing, romantic music

STRING QUARTET...or smaller or larger...just beautiful music

BANJO PLAYER...who can either sing or just play

BANJO BAND...a 25-person group, best in the world, right here in Dallas

CHURCH AND GOSPEL CHOIRS...small or large...for upbeat, fun, inspiring background music

BARBERSHOP CHORUS...100-person choir, also best in the world, also from Dallas

TEXAS OR COUNTRY AND WESTERN...trio or quartet, strolling

FIDDLE PLAYER...one or more...with added guitar, bass when needed

COMEDY/MAGIC GUY...who can amaze and amuse and help "break the ice"

DIXIELAND BAND...a small 3-pc or 4-pc group, upbeat and fun

PIANO PLAYER...those who sing and those who don't

MARIACHI BAND...large or small, great, fun Mexican music

ACCORDION PLAYER...who can dress/play German, Italian, French, etc.

SAXOPHONE PLAYER...who can play that soulful sax...and/or more upbeat music 

DJ's...who can play all the right recorded music at the right time

CARICATURE ARTISTS...one or several

PHOTO BUTTON ARTISTS...a fun gift for guests  

HAWAIIAN MUSIC...can include hula dancers who can "teach" 

We really do make it easy for the Buyer.  When we get a call to come up with ideas for music for a particular date, we try to get as much info from the Buyer as possible...just what they're looking for.  We then contact several acts we feel are just right for the situation...most often acts we've booked many times before. We check on the acts' availabilities, ask them to "hold" the date, confirm their pricing, then email all the info to the Buyer including links to access each act's website or Youtube info. Our response to your request for info is usually made on the same day or by the following day.

The Buyer can look at and listen to the info on those acts...how they look, how they sound, their songlists, where they've played in the past...and can choose one he/she thinks is best. If more choices are needed, we'll supply more ideas. The process always results in the Buyer getting exactly the right music!