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May 15, 2017 - my sculpture of Blake Tucker  

One of my closest friends for many years, Blake Tucker, "Waco Blako", star footballer at Waco HS and SMU, then later, at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, DC...who, through lots of old fashioned common sense and hard work, became a very successful business owner...passed away...after several years of fighting Parkinson's disease.  His sweet wife, Sandra, asked that I do a sculpture of him...coming off the golf course... with his well-known "feel good" gesture and smile!  Take a look by clicking on "A10 EdArt" at the left side of this page!
January 2, 2017  - my sculptures of the Owens Kids!
Check out my latest sculpting project...the bronzes depicting the 5 grandkids of our friends...Kathy and Jay Owens.  Just click on "A9 Ed's Art-The Owens Kids" at the left...

April 22, 2015 - World's Biggest C&W Stars...All Right Here!!  
If you missed last Sunday night's Academy of Country Music (ACM) show from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, you missed seeing what was, for sure, the BEST "Awards Show" of all time. Texas...and America...can be proud of what happened there!  
Over 70,000 were in the audience, the largest such show ever. It came off SO smoothly and every person on the show and behind the scenes did their absolute best. Nothing off-color, no political agendas, no double entendre jokes or remarks, no innapropriate attire...just good messages, great singing and playing, interesting people, some classic country among the more current style of C&W, something for everyone.
People who were there agreed it was 3 1/2 hrs of "great show"...which certainly made it "great TV". Perhaps every "Awards Show" in the future will think about what the producers of this ACM Show did...and try to follow suit.
April 18, 2015 - Katie, the Dallas Zoo giraffe 
Katie the Giraffe gave birth to her second daughter, the Dallas Zoo's newest addition, a few days ago. What a cliffhanger it was, waiting and watching to see her arrive.  
She was so cute, learning to stand, then to walk...and to trot around...and to find the right place to get her nourishment from her Mom.
Kudos to the Dallas Zoo and to www.animalplanet,com and to all their people!  Click on the link below to meet Katie and her daughter!

April 17, 2015 - we've added Mon, Jul 13th at the Pocket!!
In the area of upbeat, happy, "good-time" music and entertainment, what would you think would be the most fun choice that people in our general age group could make?  It would HAVE to be the Pocket Sandwich Theatre on Mockingbird Lane in Dallas when the Levee Singers are performing there.  
It's almost always a full house, the audience being made up of enthusiastic, congenial, responsive people...people who like to be involved in a fun, fast-moving, laugh-provoking, family-style, varied show made up of 4 guys singing and playing mostly familiar hit songs from, generally, their younger days...making the audience members feel better when they were going home than when they were coming in. Almost everyone remarks, as they're leaving, that they had "the best time ever" and that they are "looking forward to next time!"  
Because of our recent string of very early sellouts, we've added another show for this Summer!  So, our schedule for this Summer is Tue, Jun 16...Mon, Jul 13...and Tue, Aug 18.  I hope you'll call 214-821-1860 and make reservations for you and your group for one or more of those nights!! Looking forward to seeing you!!  Ed
April 10, 2015 - Here's to the horses!! 
Tomorrow marks the end of the 2015 horse racing season at Oaklawn Jockey Club in Hot Springs, AR.  We've had the privilege of supplying the musical groups that entertain the racing fans in the stands for the past 22 years.  
The first group was our own Smokey Montgomery's Bearkats, a 4-pc strolling dixieland band that was always a hit with the crowd.  They would move from group to group, playing fun, upbeat music that made the folks happy.  
In 2011, the owners of the racetrack, though they loved what the Bearkats did, decided they wanted a mariachi group.  With the help of Floyd Hyman, Emerald Entertainment in Austin, we booked Mariachi Relampagos for four years.  This year, we had Mariachi Aguilaras from Austin last Saturday...and we've booked Mariachi90, from Dallas, for tomorrow.  Although it's a long, grinding 5hr strolling job...and it's a 5hr drive from Dallas (8hrs from Austin)...the groups who've played it, through the years, have always enjoyed the reception (and the $ tips) they've received from the fans.  Here's to the horses!!
April 10, 2015 - Another sellout at the Pocket!
Yesterday we were told we were within 2 seats of being sold out for Tue, Apr 28th!  That might enable us to book another show on Mon, Apr 27th!  We'll see, during the next few days, if there is sufficient interest to warrant trying to book the second night.  We hope so...we hope YOU can be there, either on Tue OR Mon (if the Mon night materializes).

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