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How is our agency different from most other agencies? In over 40 years of operating our company, we've seen that one of the most important and beneficial aspects of our business has been that we decided long ago that we should not sign exclusive arrangements with any of the acts we book.

It is a great advantage, we feel, for our Buyers that we are able to suggest only those acts we think w
ill be exactly right for a particular occasion...and not be required to push an act that is exclusive with us for a job where that act really isn't among the best possible choices. That can be a problem when an agency has an agreement with an act to guarantee them a certain dollar amount or number of jobs in a particular period of time.

We have close working relationships with almost all of the best local, regional and national acts. If they are professional acts with good reputations and we choose to recommend them, they're almost always in our files and easily reached. We work well and have close contacts with other agencies, both local and nationwide, and have quick access to almost any act or music group that does private parties in Texas. Every day some of our time is spent checking out acts we see, hear of or read about...and contacting those acts and adding them to those we're proud to recommend.

There's NEVER any obligation...on your part...to set  us working on your behalf...to find the right music for you.  If you decide on someone we recommend and we arrive at an agreement, we are paid by the act in the form of a commission...which is included in the price we quote to you.  If we're not able to find what you want, there's no charge for our efforts.

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